Acoustic Music with Jad Souza of “Quiet Local”

Join Jad Souza for an evening of "Quiet Local" Music. Quiet Local has been through the ringer, and the result is the sound of coming to terms with Life, Loss, Grief, and Hope. Songs of anthemic wisdom couched in the rawness of reality . Drawing from the endless beauty of Montana and the surprising sweetness

Tap out Health Stress with Mary Cassidy

Are you stressed about that one health issue that keeps popping up in your life? Do you have a chronic illness that runs in your family which you don't want to get? Are you worried about your health for a particular reason? You're not alone. Join us for an evening of meridian tapping to release

An intro to Crystal Energy with Sarah Taylor

Join Sarah Taylor for a short introduction to crystals, how to choose them, how to care for them and use them. This event will give you an opportunity to interact with crystals and learn about the energies associated with them so you can feel more confident using them in your life. Sarah Taylor is a

Intro to the Akashic Records with Angela Segraves

Join Angela Segraves for this talk about the Akashic Records, which is the Etheric "database" that stores all of the information about all of our lifetimes. Angela will talk about the information you can retrieve from the Akashic Records and how you can retrieve that information. Come with an open mind and learn how the

Tibetan Bowl Sacral Chakra Balancing with Brian Sparks

Join Brian Sparks for the 2nd session in a series of 7 for chakra balancing and healing using a traditional Tibetan Buddhism protocol. This session will focus on the Sacral Chakra. Each session emphasizes a different chakra, clearing associated blockages. You do not have to attend every session, although it is highly recommended. The focus

Valentine’s Day Dinner and Concert

VALENTINES DINNER/ CONCERT AT THE OASIS CAFE Friday Feb 14, 104 N. Main Street . Livingston Montana The cuisine served for this special night will be of Italian origin created by chef Sat Nam kaur from Emilia Romagna, Italy. There will be only 22 places available so please book right away. Menu Antipasto (appetizer)- A

The Art of Fermentation with Melissa Bakosh

Food—It’s Alive!! Join Melissa B as she walks us through a workshop on fermentation. Learn how easy it is to bring healthy living foods in to your body and home. She’ll walk us through a hands-on process of fermenting vegetables—so bring a jar and your favorite veggies!  We'll have cutting boards, shredders and knives. This

Acoustic Music with Quinn Villa

Join us for local, live music with Itsa Quinn Cheveyo!   Itsa Quinn Cheveyo who's name translates to Eagle, Counsel, Spirit warrier.   Quinn is a local Americana musician who thinks that music can change and heal the whole world! He plays his original music, as well as, covers from Donna, the buffalo, Bob Dylan

Tap Out Fear with Mary Cassidy

How do you spell Relief? Tapping. Flinch when you see spiders and other creepy crawlies? Hate winter because of the wind or  snow? Had an accident and now you're afraid to drive at night? You're not alone! We all have something that makes us wince. The question is, do you want to keep it or